Painting Class: Abstract Painting at Home

Unleash your inner artist in a captivating art class that unravels the mysteries of abstract painting! Explore the captivating history of this timeless style while crafting your own masterpiece as Instructor Matthew guides you along the way. Whether you follow open-ended instructions or let your intuition guide you, the creative journey is yours to shape. 

Transform your home into a personal studio as you delve into a mesmerizing 2-hour experience. With all materials provided (a 16”x20” canvas, a spectrum of vibrant acrylic paints, and an array of brushes), you're primed to discover the magic that turns mere brushstrokes into captivating expressions. Ignite your artistic flair and create abstract art that resonates with soulful brilliance.

  • Minimum Guests 2
  • Maximum Guests 20
  • Event Duration 2 hours

Outside Reviews for Instructor Matthew

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Mary R.

19 Jul 2023

“Matt is very good at setting your mind at ease so you can learn effectively. He is obviously very skilled in the technical aspects of painting as well as how to impart them. I recommend him without reservation!”

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Kate M.

19 Jul 2023

Matt is a very welcoming and knowledgeable instructor and knew exactly how to put me at ease before getting started. I had a blast doing a floral painting workshop with him and wouldn't hesitate to sign up for another class.

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Sara T.

19 Jul 2023

“Matt is a wonderful art instructor. He’s knowledgeable about all mediums and techniques, he’s patient and he’s a skilled and intuitive teacher."

$ 400 Per group

Up to 20 Guests

Instructor Matthew, an NYC-based artist, thrives on artistic community engagement. Beyond curating exhibitions, he imparts over 15 years of experience in painting, drawing and clay workshops to diverse learners, spanning ages and skill levels. From public to private institutions, he shares his creative journey while nurturing others'. Instructor Matthew's adeptness at tailoring guidance to every participant, regardless of background, reflects his commitment. Eager to usher your vision to life, he stands ready to inspire and collaborate on your artistic voyage.

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