Virtual Escape Room: 90s Virtual Escape Room

The time machine you and your friends built is impressive, but something went wrong during travel back to the 1990s. Instead of arriving in the 1990s, the time machine transported you to the 1990s in an alternate dimension!

During this virtual escape room experience, you and your group have one hour to repair your time machine and get back to the future before the alternate reality becomes your only reality. A live virtual host will guide you and your group through this online escape room, providing clues along the way if needed. Can your group bounce around town, find the parts needed to fix your time machine and escape from the alternate dimension before time runs out?

Every event is fully interactive.
Your host will greet all guests and coordinate the event from start to finish.
Video is not required but always encouraged for a fun experience.
  • Class Minimum 2 devices
  • Class Maximum 25 devices
  • Event Duration 75 minutes

Outside Reviews for Host Jane or Virtual Host

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24 Mar 2021

Nothing but great things to say about this company and the events they host! We did a virtual escape room for our quarterly company event and it was so much fun for all! It was challenging, but also doable. The process to get set up was smooth and painless. They pretty much do the work for you and all you have to do is send out links. Reasonably priced and it matches what you get as in they are not overpriced. The guide in our room was helpful and assisted us with hints as needed, but also allowed us to think - wish I remembered his name so I could give him a shoutout.

$ 25 Per device

75-minute class hosted on Zoom. Tax included.

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Give as a gift

If you're looking for something fun to do with your friends, family or coworkers, you will love this live, virtual escape game. The virtual escape room game is a unique and challenging activity that can be played from any location. The online game includes a variety of puzzles that must be solved before time runs out. It is a great way to foster teamwork, communication and problem-solving amongst your fellow players. For an adventure that can be enjoyed from home, this virtual escape game is a terrific activity.

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