Mixology Class: Cocktail Creations - Miami

Elevate both your night and your cocktail making expertise with an engaging and immersive mixology class. In this class you will dive headfirst into the science and artistry of making a cocktail that not only tastes good but looks good too. This hands-on session is intended to boost your bar confidence by helping you to learn the proper ways to perform cocktail making techniques like muddling, crafting a simple syrup and so on. This class promises a spirited experience. 

Dealer's Choice - Spring/Summer Menu

A mix of different spirits, you select which spirits you want to use

The Day Dream

With a spirit of choice, seasonal syrup, citrus and dehydrated lemon

5:00 Somewhere

With a spirit of choice, seasonal syrup, citrus, elderflower, dehydrated lemon and dried flower

Pretty Rad

With a spirit of choice, seasonal syrup, citrus, hibiscus, ginger beer, dehydrated lemon, umbrella and glitter

Seasonal Spotlight - Summer Sippers

Classic Daiquiri

With rum, simple syrup, lime juice and dehydrated lime


With tequila, simple syrup, lime, orange liqueur, dehydrated lime and salt

Gin Fizz

With gin, simple syrup, lime, club soda, egg white (optional), dehydrated lemon and cherry

Tequila Based - Spring/Summer Menu

Clock Out

With tequila, passion fruit syrup, lime, tajin and chili mango

Maya Margarita

With tequila, passion fruit syrup, lime, gran gala, flowers and orange

Ziggy Stardust

With tequila, passion fruit syrup, lime, tropical ginger beer and tiny umbrella-dried pineapple

Rum Based - Spring/Summer Menu

South Point

With rum, blackberry syrup, lime and dehydrated lime

Isla Bonita

With rum, blackberry syrup, lime, Licor 43, nutmeg and dehydrated lime

Tropic Thunder

With rum, blackberry syrup, lime, ginger beer, dehydrated lime, glitter and tiny umbrella

Vodka Based - Spring/Summer Menu


With vodka, blackberry pomegranate syrup, lemon, dehydrated lemon, dum dum


With vodka, blackberry pomegranate syrup, lemon, grangala, dehydrated lemon, pink sugar and space dust

Mr. Bubble

With vodka, blackberry pomegranate syrup, lemon, grapefruit bubbles, tiny umbrella and dehydrated lemon

Whiskey Based - Spring/Summer Menu

Golden Age

With whiskey strawberry syrup, lemon, dehydrated lemon and gold

Amara Limonada

With whiskey, lemon, strawberry syrup, amaro, cherry and dried orange

Berry Fizzle

With whiskey lemon, strawberry syrup, hibiscus ginger beer, dried hibiscus, dehydrated lemon and tiny umbrella

Gin Based - Spring/Summer Menu

Hibiscus Paradise

With gin, lime, hibiscus rose syrup, kaffir lime leaf and lavender

Flower Power

With gin, lime, hibiscus rose syrup, elderflower, butterfly pea flower and dehydrated lime

Here Comes the Sun

With gin, Lime, hibiscus rose syrup, elderflower, tonic, "Sunshine" dehydrated lime and lavender

  • Minimum Guests 10
  • Maximum Guests 25
  • Event Duration 60 minutes

Outside Reviews for Instructor Shana and Team

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Lyndsey T

09 Apr 2024

Wow!!! The mixology class with Instructor Shana was so much fun. We recommend it 100%!

$125 $ 89 Per person

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Discover the art of drink crafting with Instructor Shana and her team. You'll learn the art of mixology in hands-on classes. From tasting notes of alcohol to pairing different flavors, you'll gain the confidence to whip up a delicious drink. Master the traditional cocktails and put a modern spin on your favorites. You'll also master the basics in these classes so you can create unique cocktails from scratch.

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