Cooking Class: Sushi From Scratch

If you love sushi but have never imagined making it yourself, this is your chance. In this cooking class with Chef Mori, you will learn how to make amazing sushi rolls completely from scratch. 

Start with a spicy sushi roll made with tofu and imitation crab. Chef Mori will show you how to prep and fill your sushi, roll it, slice it and top it with a spicy mayonnaise sauce. Then, you will make your second sushi roll: a classic and always satisfying California roll.

Our cooking classes are designed to be social events that do not require any previous experience. Guests are welcome to purchase beer to enjoy during the class.


Spicy Tofu Roll

With cucumbers, avocado, sesame seeds and imitation crab

California Roll

With avocado, cucumbers and imitation crab

Sushi Sauce

With mayonnaise, lime and Sriracha

  • Minimum Guests 1
  • Maximum Guests 8
  • Event Duration 2 hours
  • Activity Level
  • Restrictions Must be 21 years of age or older to attend.

Classpop! guest reviews for this experience

29 Aug 2020

So much fun and so educational! Chef Mori is hysterical and still so informative. We can’t wait to come back to another class of hers!

30 Jul 2020

We did a date night with a Groupon we had bought pre-COVID. We were hesitant at first, but were very pleased to see everything spaced out appropriately and a very small/limited class size. Each of us made two sushi rolls, which was plenty of food. We learned a lot about how to make the food as well as the culture. Overall, a great experience. Highly recommend.

17 Jul 2020

She gave us an in depth history lesson and I learned so much. She Is very personable and warm. I'm eager to learn more from her. Thank you Mori

20 Mar 2020

Chef Mori was amazing amd super funny. I only wish we could have eaten more sushi. We all left wanting more.

12 Mar 2020

Very informational, great class to go to in a small intimate setting. Would highly recommend

22 Feb 2020

Chef Mori knows her Japanese food and culture and is not apologetic about it. In the sushi class, we learned a brief history and manners on Japanese culture, eating habits, chopstick handling, funeral etiquette and buying the right damn rice. Rice makes the difference people, so splurge! I attended the class with my husband as a fun Friday night outing and we're equipped with the basic knowledge to go out and buy sushi fixings to make it ourselves. The ingredients were delicious and our sushi rolls tasted wonderful (much better than the basic rolls you'd get at local restaurants). The class teaches you enough to be dangerous and impressive to your friends. Chef Mori explains things simply, but eloquently. The class was hands-on, so we weren't just watching her make stuff and put it on our plates. I still have more to learn about the art of sushi rolling, but practice makes perfect. I plan to attend Chef Mori's potsticker class next. Highly recommend!

20 Feb 2020

Fun and informative class! Great night out. Chef Mori is great!

18 Feb 2020


18 Feb 2020


12 Feb 2020

Mori is so much fun! The class was interesting and engaging without being too serious. Mori is so knowledgeable and very funny. The sushi we made was delicious. Mori teaches you not only how to make these rolls but also where to find the ingredients locally and online. I learned I’ve been making rice wrong my whole life. Cannot recommend this class enough. We had so much fun. Remember to bring some booze! We brought some Japanese beer which went great with the sushi.

03 Feb 2020

Great class! Looking forward to attending more!

03 Feb 2020

Chef Mori presents a lot of useful and interesting information in an entertaining way! She communicated clearly and made sure everyone was able to follow along. I would like to take more classes from her in the future. I'm glad that I learned a little bit about Japanese culture as well as the specific dish that we were making.

30 Jan 2020

An amazing time! Instructor is great, very knowledgeable and has an awesome personality/humor.

17 Jan 2020

I had a wonderful time and enjoyed delicious food. Chef Mori was an expert who could explain everything about each ingredient and where to get the high grade versions. The instructions were straightforward, and I can easily picture taking another class from her.

12 Jan 2020

Purchased sushi class as a gift for my son and he said Chef Mori was awesome! He signed up for another class.

10 Jan 2020

Chef Mori was just a blessing to our date night. We learned the culturally correct way of making sushi and about her own heritage and experiences. Oh and greedily ate the sushi rolls we made (with chopsticks). Yum freakin yum.

31 Dec 2019

Really fun experience!

29 Dec 2019

The class was great. Instruction was good and loved the hands on experience.

29 Dec 2019

Great, relaxed atmosphere!

23 Dec 2019

So fun and informative!

23 Dec 2019

Chef Mori did an amazing job with our very first sushi lesson! She covered Japanese culture, chopstick etiquette, and a wide variety of other traditional topics as she was teaching us to make sushi, which made for a very fun and interesting lesson. The two sushi rolls we made were great, and I am confident in our ability to replicate them thanks to Chef Mori's explanation of stores to go to, products to look for, etc. She even had cute traditional place settings to take pictures of our finished product on! Will definitely be interested in attending more of her classes.

Classpop! guest reviews for other experiences with Chef Mori

28 Jun 2020

Chef Mori was so knowledgeable about all the food that we made for our class. There were plenty of utensils and ingredients for all of the class mates. She was extremely prepared and passionate about cooking. This was my partner and I’s first cooking class together and we definitely plan on taking more of Chef Mori’s programs in the future! We had an amazing time.

28 Feb 2020

Fun, good food, she’s very entertaining

28 Feb 2020

Had a great time! Very good instruction while keeping the atmosphere fun & engaging. I would highly recommend the spring roll & potsticker class, and I can hardly wait to take the sushi class. Thanks Chef Mori!

14 Feb 2020

No this was the worst experience I ever encountered . Very unprofessional and at a very unsafe and unfamiliar area. I felt very unsafe inside of the venue. Could not focus because of all the noise she was trying to talk over. Did not get a heads up that she would have her son there. Could not focus and would not recommend her to anyone. Stay away for this. She should let you know if her son would be there

11 Jan 2020

Chef Mori was a wonderful teacher and made the evening extra fun with her great humor! We will definitely be coming back for another class with her. Fabulous evening!!

10 Jan 2020

We had such an amazing nice! Chef Mori was an awesome teacher with such great insights. We can’t wait to take another class!

$75 $ 45 Per person

all-inclusive: 2-hour class, meal and taxes.

This class does not have any dates.

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Chef Mori's culinary journey and passion for cooking began at a young age while watching and learning from her mother and grandmother in the kitchen. Fast forward to today and Chef Mori now has more than 40 years of experience cooking authentic Japanese cuisine, and has a cookbook in the works. She loves sharing her Japanese heritage as well as her culinary wisdom and skills with others through interactive cooking classes.

Event location: Indianapolis

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