Instructor Gabriela and Team

Instructor Gabriela and Team

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Instructor Gabriela and her talented team run a beautiful ceramic studio and offer a wide range of creative workshops and access to pottery equipment, a top-tier glaze chemistry room, pottery wheels, kiln space and studio space. They are well-versed in helping others nourish their creativity, guiding them through pottery projects that encourage artistic expression and experimentation.

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11 Feb 2024
It was AMAZING!! 10 out of 10! We’d definitely come back ❤️
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11 Jan 2024
Such a fun class, with a great instructor!
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02 Nov 2023
Great class! The instructor was really helpful and kept the session fun.
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28 Jul 2023
We had a great instructor and class was overall a pleasant experience. The instructions to start were very long, going from start to finish of all the steps. Once you actually get started, it’s easy forget most of it. Although there is active guidance throughout, I think the initial instructions can be high level or spread out across the class.
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12 Jul 2023
So much fun! More specific instructions could've been helpful though I'm sure it's difficult to get it all across in a short class. Would recommend :)
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28 Jun 2023
Class went well, but wish it was a bit more structured and personalized. We had a few people arrive halfway through the class which became a distraction and delayed the process for those us who arrived on time.
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28 Feb 2023
Got this class as a present for me and my mom and we had so much fun, instructor was very fun and inviting, helped us if we needed assistance. Over all very fun class and would definitely do it again.
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06 Feb 2023
Had a great time! So much fun and learned something new. Would definitely recommend
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31 Oct 2022
It was a great experience!

Outside Reviews for Instructor Gabriela and Team

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07 Mar 2022
A date night that won't disappoint! Justin went above and beyond to make the Valentine's event special with wine, crackers, grapes and cheese. Justin was the friendliest instructor ever, and his deep knowledge of all things ceramics came through. I loved his jokes too! Thanks to his guidance, both my boyfriend and I made beautiful bowls. I'm proud of my work even as a first tinier and I think the quality of instruction is setting the standard high for other throwing classes. The glaze options are abundant, and the vibe is super warm. It was easy to sign up for classes and reserve spaces online. The class price includes instruction, clay, glaze and other materials. You can bring your own apron or borrow one! My boyfriend and I already signed up for our next class. So excited to come back! Even more excited to check out other folk's work here too. So many talented people!