Dance Class: Team Building Belly Dance Party

Break free from the office routine and treat your team to something new with this one-of-a-kind team building activity. In this fun group dance class, Instructor Salit will lead your team as you explore the ancient art of belly dance in an upbeat, supportive environment. This pressure-free class is designed to get endorphins flowing as everyone moves to the beat with infectious positive energy. Get your team tight-knit as they bond over learning something new together. 

Instructor Salit can join you for this special session onsite or in the studio. Additional travel fees can be discussed at booking.
  • Minimum Guests 1
  • Maximum Guests 25
  • Event Duration 60 minutes

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26 May 2022

An excellent job!

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17 Feb 2022

The class was great, very empowering and even challenging. The instructor allowed us to go through moves multiple times, and opened the floor to questions which was really helpful. I’m excited to make this a regular thing!

Outside Reviews for Instructor Salit

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Danielle S.

24 Nov 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I've been looking for something that was going to challenge me for a while now. I've been dancing since I was young so dance comes fairly easily. This was both challenging and fun. There is so much technique to it that I never realized before. The people and the instructor were so nice and I'll definitely be coming back.

$ 300 Per group

Up to 25 Guests

Instructor Salit welcomes all backgrounds, ages, sizes and skill levels into the belly dancing community. Trained in technique, musicality, improvisation and the history and culture of the style, Instructor Salit shares her expertise in a safe and comfortable environment, guiding each participant toward her individual dance goals. She aims to provide top-quality dance instruction with a focus on empowerment, positive body image and fun through self-expression and community involvement. 

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