Dance Class: Pole Dance Workout

Come experience the excitement and challenge of pole dancing as a form of fitness in this introductory pole dance class! Your talented instructor has designed a unique beginner's routine to give you a taste of what pole dancing is all about. 

You'll quickly realize just how fun – and physically intense – it can be to sway your body and move in time while using a pole as your dance prop. It's the perfect way to get more comfortable with this dance style and decide if it's the right form of fitness for you!

  • Minimum Guests 1
  • Maximum Guests 25
  • Event Duration 1.5 hours
  • LabelsPole Dance, Adult, Beginner, Dance Workout

Guest reviews for Instructor Nikki

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Maddy R.

04 Jan 2022

My friends and I took this class on a girls' weekend and had such a blast! It was a great workout and Instructor Nikki is super kind and patient with new learners. Definitely recommend this class.

Instructor Nikki believes all women should have the opportunity to be feel confident while using their muscles and getting fit! The art of pole dancing teachers you to trust in your beauty and strength, and celebrate what makes you unique. Instructor Nikki provides a place where you can leave the stresses of the day behind and use your energy in a positive way. Join her classes that celebrate the female figure and mind in every shape and form.

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