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Instructor Melisse

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Meet Instructor Melisse, the creative force behind an art studio that transcends canvas and paint. With a profound belief in art's therapeutic power, she guides students on a transformative journey. Through paint classes, mixed media sessions, and more, Instructor Melisse encourages letting go of control and embracing the process. She understands that courage, curiosity, and compassion are the keys to unlocking relaxation and joy through art. By silencing the inner critic, her students discover the profound healing and happiness that creativity can bring. Join Melisse on a voyage of self-expression and self-discovery, where the canvas becomes a gateway to inner peace and creativity.

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Eric Epperson
31 Aug 2023
Melisse is an extremely creative thinker who has the flexibility to apply that creativity to many different applications and projects. It's clear through her attitude and her ideas that she enjoys what she does.