Art Class: Lunchtime Rendezvous: French Art Techniques

Immerse your children in a captivating world of art, exploration, and scientific wonder in this exciting art class. Tailored for all ages and skill levels, it fosters creative thinking, problem-solving, and motor skills, leaving young artists feeling exhilarated, inspired, and proud. This engaging journey introduces children to modern and contemporary artists from diverse cultures, utilizing a wide spectrum of materials like paint, clay, charcoal, and more. 

With Instructor Claire and her talented team leading the way, children will delve into stop-motion animation, anime, 3D dioramas, and recyclables, drawing inspiration from NYC's rich art scene. With a flexible curriculum driven by their interests, students enjoy field trips to museums and galleries, ensuring a dynamic and personalized artistic experience. Class size is intimate, fostering a 2-3:1 student-teacher ratio for optimal learning.

  • Minimum Guests 1
  • Maximum Guests 10
  • Event Duration 2 hours

Outside Reviews for Instructor Claire

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P. K (4-year-old twins’ mom)

15 Jun 2023

My Daughter enjoyed your class so much and my son has become so intrigued about art and additionally scientific experiments! You truly know how to interact with children and I’m so glad my kids got to experience your art class. Thanks again!

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Ann H.

15 Jun 2023

As a former teacher I recognise a gem when I see one. Yesterday, you made the field trip to The Metropolitan Museum of Art magical for the five-year olds. With your enthusiasm and guidance, your students are on a path to a lifelong appreciation of art. Thank you!

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Michelle T

15 Jun 2023

My daughter loves Ms. Claire’s classes. The classes are fun and full of the creativity. Each child got personal attention in the class and at the museum visits. The kid’s works are unique and arty. Plus, All the kids are learning FRENCH from the art classes. What an amazing way to explore!

$ 125 Per person

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Instructor Claire is a seasoned educator with a passion for nurturing young minds through the power of art. She has been at the forefront of arts education on the Upper East Side for over two decades. As the driving force behind an early enrichment art league, Instructor Claire dedicates herself to inspiring creativity and cultural appreciation in children. Her curriculum is a vibrant canvas of modern and contemporary artists, exploring diverse cultures through an array of media and techniques, from paint and clay to wire and fabric. With a custom-tailored approach, she weaves each child's interests into the tapestry of their artistic journey, while older students delve into advanced techniques and art vocabulary, broadening their horizons with specialty pencils, inks and the magic of animation.

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