Sushi Chef, West Palm Beach, FL

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If you're a sushi master in pursuit of sushi chef jobs in West Palm Beach, FL, Classpop! would love to have you on our side. This happy beach town has a reputation for giving foodies the most exciting dining experiences, including fresh coastal fares. The hungry seafood-forward crowd means that sushi chef hiring in West Palm Beach is always on the rise. Classpop!, a leading provider of fun culinary experiences, can connect you with Japanese chef jobs in West Palm Beach that turn your skills to profit. With our expert marketing, sales and support teams, you’re bound to secure the best sushi chef jobs available in West Palm Beach. You’ll get to create and host your own unique sushi-making classes on your own schedule, so sushi maker jobs in West Palm Beach land right in your hands. Sushi chefs are wanted in West Palm Beach, and we are ready to help you snag them today!

About Classpop!: 

Classpop! is the top-rated marketplace for fun, social experiences in the U.S. and Canada. Guests choose Classpop! for booking events such as birthday parties, team building activities, date nights and more, with class offerings ranging from dance classes to cooking classes to floral arranging classes and other creative experiences. 

Classpop! is looking for sushi chefs to teach sushi making classes. Classpop! partners design and create their own classes and list availability based around their own schedule, while we provide the marketing and support to bring your classes to new students. 


Benefits of Joining Classpop!: 

  • Share your talents with an engaged audience

  • Increase your earnings

  • Extend your business to new customers 

  • Create and offer your own classes

NOTE TO APPLICANTS:  Please visit to apply. 

Location: West Palm Beach, FL

Required Qualifications: 

  • Based in the West Palm Beach, FL Area

  • Professional background in sushi making 

  • A passion for teaching your craft in a fun, personable manner

  • Excellent time management skills 

  • Strong communication skills and ability to respond promptly to inquiries 

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Experience with private events and team building activities

  • An array of culinary expertise and ability to offer a wide variety of sushi styles

  • Experience teaching sushi making classes

NOTE TO APPLICANTS: Please visit to apply.