Dance Instructor, Sacramento, CA

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Dance instructors teaching dance classes in the Sacramento, CA area can find an incredible new partner in Classpop! Sacramento is a West Coast sweet spot for cultural expression, including dance in all its incredible forms. With Classpop!, talented dance teachers in Sacramento will find an eager client base waiting to learn the art of movement for fun and fitness. Whether you’re a freestyle dance teacher, a contemporary dance instructor, a Latin dance sensation or a modern dance diva, Classpop!'s innovative platform will connect you with students to expand your business. We provide marketing know-how and business savvy that gets you seen by your target clients. It's a step too hot to pass up! Add new dance teacher jobs in Sacramento to your call sheet with help from Classpop!

About Classpop!: 

Classpop! is the top-rated marketplace for fun, social experiences in the U.S. and Canada. Guests choose Classpop! for booking events such as birthday parties, team building activities, date nights and more, with class offerings ranging from dance classes to cooking classes to floral arranging classes and other creative experiences. 

Classpop! is looking to partner with dance teachers and studios to help fill existing dance classes. Classpop! partners design and create their own classes and list availability based around their own schedule, while we provide the marketing and support to bring your dance studio new business. 


Enjoy the many benefits by joining Classpop!, including:

  • Fill more classes without the extra work

  • Increase your earnings

  • Reach new customers

  • Create and offer your own classes

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  • Based in the Sacramento, CA area

  • A venue, preferably a dance studio, to host your classes

  • Professional dance background

  • Strong leadership skills and experience in leading and training others

  • Personable and eager to teach your craft

  • Efficient with time management

  • Excellent communication skills and ability to provide prompt responses to inquiries

Nice to Have:

  • Experience with private events and team building activities

  • A comprehensive repertoire and ability to offer a variety of dance styles

  • Experience teaching dance classes

Location: Sacramento, CA

IMPORTANT NOTE: To apply, please visit: