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With over 20 years of experience as a ceramic artist, Instructor LeRoy has had pieces shown in countless exhibitions and galleries. Celebrated for his artistry, Instructor LeRoy runs a colorful pottery studio at which he teaches new and experienced potters how to make the most of their creativity with clay.

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08 Jan 2024
Had an absolute blast! Great intimate setting that is a lot of fun. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for a fun date night.
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07 Dec 2023
Leroy was cool and made the class enjoyable,
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23 Nov 2023
There was too much background noise during the class that I kept getting distracted from the instructor. It was an interesting experience. I’m not sure if I would do it again.
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30 Oct 2023
Had an absolutely great time in this class!
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16 Oct 2023
Great class! Very patient instructor!
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12 Oct 2023
Leroy was encouraging and kind to the class. I really appreciated his teaching style.
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15 Sep 2023
Leyroy and Jackie were great instructors!
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13 Sep 2023
Had such a great time! Planned a surprise date here and it was my first time. The instructor was super patient and the experience was all around amazing!!!
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23 Aug 2023
The idea was great but he cut our class way short. What we paid for was 3 hours, what we got was an hour and a quarter and then he rushed us out and told me I was done before I could do my second one. This came after he used a tool to cut the side of what I was originally doing and cause it to fall apart, I'm assuming due to it being thin, be he was more than happy to help the other young lady fix hers multiple times. He was personable up until that younger couple came in and then stopped talking to us to fawn and awkwardly kept commenting over the young lady and fan-boying over how the guy used to be a football player. (Not a knock on them, they were very nice). It was disorganized too, I made the trip after 2 weeks of waiting to pick up our pieces and he lost one of my wifes. Then painted the rims of each haphazardly without it ever being mentioned to us. We decided going to get the second wasn't worth it after. It was disappointing when it was intended to be an anniversary gift for my wife.
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Ny Riavo
21 Aug 2023
it was fun