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Instructor Angie

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Instructor Angie is an artist who combines a creative mind with a passion for encouraging others. She leads a modern multimedia art studio in the most artistic neighborhood in Brooklyn where she hosts group and individual classes including painting, drawing, ceramics, vision board-making and more. With beginner-friendly instruction and lots of inspiration in store, Instructor Angie's classes are bound to spark your inner creative!

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23 Jul 2023
Had a fun time learning some techniques and constructing a piece!
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18 May 2023
Fun class. Angie was great !
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18 Mar 2023
Awesome class! Very helpful and was able to make what I had in mind.
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01 Mar 2023
we had a blast! very warm and welcoming, everything provided and responsive host!
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19 Feb 2023
Only chose this class because the description mentioned the use of a pottery wheel. We were super disappointed as we travelled far to take this class expecting a wheel and did not think it was worth the price. The instructor, however, was good and provided encouragement to everyone!
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12 Feb 2023
Angie was fantastic however: The class description (and cover photo) advertised this would be a pottery wheel class. There was no wheel, and I was not the only attendee who was disappointed by this. Class was good, but not as described.
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11 Feb 2023
Angie was great. Very friendly. The class was really fun. We all had a great time.
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02 Feb 2023
She was very patient and helpful.
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01 Feb 2023
It was a wonderful and fun experience. Angie was the best, so thorough and polite!
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03 Jan 2023
Angie led my guests and I through a chill and easy-to-follow clay art session. Angie was very willing to repeat instructions and encouraged us to let our creativity flow into our pieces. Angie had a great selection of paints for us to choose from to decorate our works once they dried the next day. I just wish Angie offered a ceramic class. I recommend this class because it has been difficult for me to find a session for under $100 that allows you to take your art home with you after a single class. And most importantly my group and I had a great time.