Photography Class: Light Design for Digital Photography

Prepare to discover the process of light design and execution in a studio setting during this interactive photography class. In this 3-hour workshop, you will learn simple exercises to hone your digital photography skills. Take home a new set of photography skills to improve your photos taken for friends and family or to develop your career! 

  • Minimum Guests 2
  • Maximum Guests 12
  • Event Duration 3.25 hours

Outside Reviews for Instructor Carlos

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Elizabeth Dujmovic

27 Nov 2023

I attended classes for a subject called Film with Carlos in the last semester of my Social Communication degree at Monteavila University in Caracas, Venezuela. Since I considered studying this major at this university, I felt a desire to specialize in the audiovisual communication field. However, I hadn't experienced a subject that taught me the intricacies of this area so deeply and comprehensively, which led to uncertainty about whether what I thought I wanted was truly what I would dedicate myself to. In the final semester of my degree, when I began taking classes with him, I completely fell in love with the audiovisual world, understanding its vastness and realizing how every detail must be carefully planned to achieve an impeccable result. Despite being online classes, his teachings were much more enriching than other in-person classes. The subject matter was very comprehensive, the curriculum was well-structured, and the classes were dynamic and entertaining. There was no chance to step away from the desk for a second; we were always engrossed in discussions on super interesting topics, with theory, practical examples, and guest speakers from other professionals in the field. Additionally, something I appreciated about the subject was that we could learn about the different areas of production, from the role of the director to the art director and director of photography, among others. From that semester onward, I started working at an audiovisual production company, where I have been able to develop professionally, taking on various roles as required by each project, applying all the knowledge gained in Carlos's class.

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Valeria Fernandez

08 Nov 2023

My classes with Carlos were amazing from the start. From the way he treats students to the teaching methods, they left a positive mark on me. His methodology made learning complex topics for students starting their university careers not only simpler but also enjoyable. He made me fall a little more in love with cinema, films, and all audiovisual expressions. His way of analyzing shots, sequences, characters, and stories was an invaluable learning experience in my life, which I still apply today. A professor with whom I would definitely want to take classes again.

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Calixta Castro

10 Oct 2023

I took classes with Carlos Suarez in a short film course and he’s a great teacher. I’ve learnt a lot with him and he also gives good feedback about many assignments. He always maintains a professional attitude and I always look forward to his opinion about my work.

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Instructor Carlos fell in love with photography and cinematography at a young age in his home country, Venezuela. He moved to LA and quickly worked his way up as a DP in films, commercials and music videos. Having won multiple awards across the globe, Instructor Carlos is passionate about telling unique stories through a personal lens. He strives to help all his students find their own perspective while capturing a story.

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