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Chef Davide has always been comfortable in the kitchen; it’s where he finds he can best communicate, express himself and have fun. His culinary experience began in kitchens at age 16 and continued when he moved to Europe after high school for a first-hand exploration of various cuisines. Chef Davide went on to graduate with honors from an Italian culinary academy and has since worn many hats, including private chef, consultant, instructor and entrepreneur. 

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25 Feb 2024
My husband and I had so much with Chef Davide. The food was amazing and his directions were clear. He also does check in to see how everyone’s meal is coming and I appreciated that during the pasta process. We can’t wait to take another class with Chef Davide.
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19 Feb 2024
Chef Davide was very friendly and a good teacher! We were a little bit confused about the recipes since things were slightly different than expected from the pre-class materials. (The veggies were not part of the meal and we made two flavors of gelato rather than one - which was not a bad thing!) Apart from that, we really enjoyed the class and had a wonderful meal because of it!
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17 Feb 2024
I recently went to Italy for the first time and fell in love with the country. The class with Chef Davide helped take me back to Italy!
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15 Feb 2024
Excellent class. Excellent Chef. Excellent food. Davide was very helpful and made sure everyone was getting the result they were suppose to before moving on to the next steps of the recipe. He explained things well and gave helpful tips along the way. Would highly recommend taking a class with Davide. Would not hesitate to sign up with a class with Davide again ourselves.
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06 Feb 2024
Super fun and educational. Merci!
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04 Feb 2024
What a great class! Chef David provided the perfect amount of instruction at the perfect speed and the result were the most delicious ravioli I’ve ever had. Thank you!
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03 Feb 2024
Learned some new things and really enjoyed the time spent in the class. Merci !
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30 Dec 2023
Chef Davide’s class was incredible! He was a great teacher and the food was delicious. We can’t wait to make more risotto and gelato and home and I hope we get to meet him for a class in Rome one day!
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27 Dec 2023
Very easy to follow along! I’d definitely take another class with Chef Davide.
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22 Nov 2023
Chef Davide was great. The class was very informative and food was great. He went the perfect speed. I will definitely be taking another one in the new year.