Cooking Class: DIY Sushi

Making sushi doesn't have to be super serious. This cooking class with Chef Ana takes a fun and interactive approach to sushi for those new to sushi making. And rather than making standard sushi rolls, you will learn how to make a large sushi burrito filled with all your favorite fillings. 

Start by prepping your sushi rice, made with vinegar, salt and a pinch of sugar. Then, assemble your sushi burrito, which will be filled with avocado, cream cheese and assorted vegetables. You'll also make spicy mayonnaise to drizzle on top.

Our cooking classes are designed to be social events that do not require any previous experience. Guests are welcome to purchase beer to enjoy during the class.


Sushi Rice

With rice vinegar, sugar and salt

Sushi Burritos

With rice, avocado, cream cheese, cucumber, green onions and sesame seeds

Spicy Mayonnaise

With mayonnaise, Sriracha hot sauce and soy sauce

  • Minimum Guests 1
  • Maximum Guests 25
  • Event Duration 2 hours
  • Activity Level
  • Restrictions Must be 21 years of age or older to attend.

Classpop! guest reviews for this experience

19 Jan 2020

The host was great but I'm confused how there was a certain number of purchased tickets yet there wasn't enough materials for the whole group. The instructions felt very limited since we couldn't always hear her and the ambient noise was drowning out her voice. There was no check in for the folks who purchased tickets. Other than that we met such great folks and had a great time since the brewery had such great beers. Honestly felt like we could've just watched a YouTube video and not spent half as much money. If i'm to spend $100 for two people i think it should be a little bit more.

29 Dec 2019

Really fun. Would totally do it again! Now I don’t have to go eat expensive sushi because I can make it at home thanks to chef Ana

22 Dec 2019

Not what we were expecting and really done very poorly. Parts were pretty disgusting and the food was not good.

Classpop! guest reviews for other experiences with Chef Ana

08 Jan 2020

Great experience!

07 Jan 2020

When I signed up for a cooking class, I expected to be in a kitchen — not at a long table in a brewery. I expected to be chopping and preparing my own ingredients — not watching the chef do it while talking to a few of the guests at her end of the table while we sat there and waited. Not turning out ravioli dough onto a bar table to knead. I expected a chef that gave clear and concise directions easy for all guests to hear, not one who left us wondering what we were supposed to do next (Many guests did not know how to knead, and this was not explained. I did not know how thinly to roll out the dough, and this was not explained. Ingredient quantities and techniques were not explained.) Was this seriously a cooking class? I would have found more enjoyment in and learned more from watching a cooking show on Food Network.

06 Jan 2020

Great class and instructions. Learning how to make pasta has always been a dream of mine and Chef Ana helped me to achieve this. Thank you so much.

06 Jan 2020

Class felt very disorganized and the venue was not very conducive to a cooking class of that size. Spent a lot of time doing nothing and couldn’t always hear instructor.

16 Dec 2019

Ana was great! Very helpful and made the evening very fun.

Guest reviews for Chef Ana

12 Nov 2019

Ana has a lot of experience in the culinary art. I had the opportunity to taste some of her dishes and sweets and definitely I highly recommend her. Thanks to Ana’s classes I was able to start my own home bakery and have been very successful since I started. Ana taught me many tricks to get better results. Thank you Ana!

12 Nov 2019

I loved spending a couple of hours with Chef Ana learning how to make Sushi! I’ll do it again, it was so much fun!!

12 Nov 2019

Ana is a wonderful teacher! She is very detail oriented, patient, and really funny! Her classes are amazing! She is super easy going and makes her classes really enjoyable. I would definitely go to one of her classes again!

$75 $ 49 Per person

all-inclusive: 2-hour class, meal and taxes.

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Chef Ana Verified chef

New chef

Flavor artist and culinary extraordinaire Chef Ana has more than 10 years of professional culinary experience under her belt, and is dedicated to constantly learning and creating new recipes. In 2010, she founded her own catering company, and in 2012, she discovered another passion: teaching. Chef Ana has since been hosting a variety of interactive cooking classes and culinary experiences teaching private clients and groups how to prepare everything from appetizers to desserts and more.

Event location: Austin

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